Actraiser (SNES)

Retro Game Console: SNES
Publisher: Enix
Release Date: November 1991
Genre: Action/Simulation

Actraiser For Sale

Retro Video Game Description:

This sensational game combines pulse-stopping action sequences with an intelligent Simulation Mode, allowing the player to forge a new civilization.

Finally……experience a game that fully utilizes the advanced capabilities of the Super NES.

Restore peace and order to your people’s world!

Long ago, you and your people built a peaceful land. Since then, your world has been taken over and inhabited by the evil Tanzra and his Guardians. Your once-tranquil land has become a breeding ground for monsters. Injured, you have retreated to your Sky Palace and have fallen into a deep sleep.

Now, many years have passed and you have recovered from your injuries and slumber. You must punish Tanzra and restore the world to your people or lose their faith forever.

Action Mode
Breathe life into the statue modeled after your likeness to cleanse the land and defeat the monsters who have conquered.

Simulation Mode
Help your people develop a new land from that which has been purified and build towns with your powers.

Thoughts About This Game?

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