Batman: Return of the Joker (NES)

Retro Game Console: NES
Publisher: Sunsoft
Release Date: December 1991
Genre: Action

Batman: Return of the Joker For Sale

Retro Video Game Description:


The seedy underworld is crawling with criminals. Even worse –THE JOKER is back on top of ’em all! Law and order means nothing…until now.

Because BATMAN is here –and the action is hotter than ever! Ear-crunching sound effects. Pulse quickening music. Graphics that are as hot as 16-bit.

And this time, BATMAN hits fast and hard. Flying, leaping, and sliding to attack! And striking at the heart of THE JOKER.

The CAPED CRUSADER has a totally new arsenal at his command: Batarang, Crossbow, Sonic Neutralizer. He’s even got a super-fueled jetpack. And even more powerful weapons at the touch of a button.

BATMAN has got to use all of his power. Because this world is a very dark place, and you never know where THE JOKER is hiding!

Thoughts About This Game?

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