Sunset Riders (Genesis)

Retro Game Console: Genesis
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: March 1993
Genre: Action

Sunset Riders For Sale

Retro Video Game Description:

Saddle Up, Cowboy, It’s The Good Versus the Bad and Ugly.

Don’t you love the hot odor of burnt gunpowder from a six-shooter tickling your nostril hairs? Then strap on your holster and join the posse of sharpshooters who’ve already ridden to riches in Sunset Riders, now for your Sega Genesis. Complete with the non-stop action and knee-slapping yuks as in the arcade version.

You’re a brave bounty hunter pursuing outlaw scum like Simon Greedwell, Paco Loco, and Chief Scalpen. Each bad guy has a big reward on his head. And they’re helped by hordes of bandits, gunslingers and horse thieves, so pack loads of lead.

Track those rotten skunks through an Indian village, on a steaming locomotive, and down the mean streets of lawless Reechforem Gulch. Occasionally, dynamite is at your disposal, as well as weapon power-ups. But cattle stampedes and sneaky traps could end your adventure in a cloud of dust.

Oh, and be sure to carry ointment for your saddle sores because you’ll ride horseback in a galloping bonus stage filled with handy items. Ultimately, you must make villainous Sir Richard Rose eat sagebrush. Do so and you’ll have lots of money and the townsfolk kissing your boots.

If you’re a yellow belly, fellow gun-for-hire Cormano can back you up. Or play the Versus mode where you can use each other for target practice. Be prepared, Sunset Riders has so much explosive action it’s like getting too close to the campfire after eating a chuck wagon full of beans.

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